The Last Cube - Privacy Policy

Created: July 20th, 2020

This Privacy Policy explains how Improx Games (“we” or “us”) collects and uses data collected in-game from the players of The Last Cube on all platforms (PC and gaming consoles). We are a limited liability company named Improx Games registered under Finnish Law with the Business Identity Code 2766584-6. Not all platforms necessarily collect all the data mentioned below at all times. You can contact us with

1. Why do we collect data

We collect data about the user’s in-game behavior, as well as optional feedback from players, in order to develop and improve The Last Cube. This data helps us measure the quality of the game from gameplay and technical perspectives. For instance, we may learn which are the moments in the game where players most often quit or get stuck. We may use this information to improve the in-game puzzles and content for all players. The Last Cube does not collect data for advertising or personalization purposes.

2. What data to we collect

2.1. In-game analytics

We use Unity's Analytics service to get information on players' progress and behavior through the game. For example, we may learn how long it takes for players to complete a puzzle, which in-game items players have collected, in which places players quit or lost focus from the game application. We may additionally collect data regarding players’ technical setup, such as screen aspect ratios and graphics processing units. We may also collect data on game crashes and bugs. All this information is anonymous, and we do not learn about the identities of players through in-game analytics. If you don't want to contribute any of this information, then please don't continue playing.

2.2. Player feedback

Players may be able to deliberately send us feedback through an in-game form to report bugs, ideas or other feedback. In the form, the player chooses the nature of the feedback, writes a text comment and may optionally include a screenshot of their game at the moment. For each received feedback entry, we additionally receive information on where the player is located inside the game world, what the player’s progress in the current level is and what is the date and time of the feedback. This information is sent to our servers, allowing us to process it. Through this feedback form, we do not learn or save the identity or any personal information of the player. We do not even know whether two feedback forms were sent by the same person or device. We collect and manage this feedback in Google Firebase.

3. Handling your data

Our hosting services may have access to the data we collect. In addition, Improx Games’ possible subsidiaries and partners may also have access to the data we collect. Furthermore, government authorities may ask for the data we collect, where disclosure is necessary.